Potter-Tioga Library System

Board of Directors

System Board Minutes - July '06

Potter-Tioga Library System
Regular Meeting
Knoxville Public Library
Knoxville, PA
July 11, 2006

The Regular Quarterly Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Potter-Tioga Library System was called to order by President Jeff Wilkinson at 7 PM.

Blossburg: Carol Tama
Coudersport: Darlene Peasley
Elkland: Charlotte Bitler, Kitty
Genesee: Cheri Hobson
Knoxville: Eugene Seelye, Susan Slade
Oswayo Valley:
Wellsboro: Lynn Coolidge
Westfield: Jeff Wilkinson
System Librarian: Laurie Shear

After introductions, the Minutes of the April 11, 2006, meeting were approved as presented.

System Librarianís Report:
-Circulation statistics for the 4th quarter were circulated and
reviewed. In general, circulation is down.
-2006 System financial summaries were distributed, reviewed and accepted as presented.
-All System Library Financial Reviews are in with the exception of Green Free and Coudersport. All audits are in except for Oswayo Valley and Galeton.
-The Annual reports have been reviewed by the State Library and found satisfactory. Blossburg, Knoxville and Westfield need to have two municipal appointees to be in compliance.
-The LSTA grant contract has been signed. The automation project is underway.
-Mansfield has applied for a Keystone Grant but has not heard from it yet.
-An LSTA grant for library degree work has been applied for at Blossburg.
-A local effort percentages chart was presented and discussed. It will go into effect in 2007.
-The Governor's budget for 2007 has been passed and includes a 23% increase for public libraries. The P-T System will receive more money, but all standards will have to be met in 2007 (i.e. open 35 hours a week with 7 hours on weekends, a percentage of income spent for library materials, etc.).
-Another standard that will have to be met is for the system library in Coudersport to be open 65 hours a week. It currently is not. After discussion, a motion by Carol Tama to give Laurie and Jeff permission to explore options with the Coudersport Library for meeting the standard was seconded by Lynne Coolidge and carried.
-Doris Mosch, longtime member of the P-T System Board has resigned due to ill health. Lynne Coolidge moved to accept her resignation with regret and to give the Coudersport Public Library $50 from the system in her honor. Carol Tama seconded the motion and it carried.

The 2007 Budget Committee was formed with the following members: Lynne Coolidge, Charlotte Bitler, Jeff Wilkinson and Laurie Shear. They will present their report at the fall meeting.

News from member libraries was shared.

The next meeting will be at the Coudersport Public Library, October 10, 2006, at 7 PM.

Refreshments were enjoyed by those present.

Respectfully submitted,

Eugene A. Seelye, Secretary