Potter-Tioga Library System

Deposit Libraries

The Potter-Tioga Library System

. . sponsors 14 deposit libraries in small communities without a local library. These collections offer a variety of books for all ages and interests. New collections are delivered quarterly.

The following Deposit Library locations are currently available:

Sweden Valley Manor
Freeman House
Potter County Jail
Cross Fork, Middlebury Center, Roaring Branch, Morris, Gaines, Roulette, Millerton and Liberty (all in the local Post Offices)
Austin (in Northwest Savings Bank)
and Harrison Valley and Lawrenceville are in libraries that are run by volunteers and open a few hours a week.

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Harrison Valley Middlebury Center Roaring Branch Lawrenceville
Millerton Cross Fork Freeman House Sweden Valley Manor
Potter County Jail Roulette Austin Gaines
Morris Liberty    


How to Check Out a Book at a Deposit Library

Please take the card out of the back of the book and make some sort of mark on it so that we know it has been circulated. You do not need to put your name if you do not want to. Any type of mark is fine. Then place the card behind the letter tab in the box that is the first letter of the author’s last name.

When the book is returned please retrieve the card and place it back in the pocket of the book. This way we know what type of books are going out and can tailor the collection according to the reading preferences of each individual locality.

Deposit Libraries in white
- Potter/Tioga System Libraries in Yellow

Potter County

Tioga County