Photo Gallery



December 2005 Meeting

Christmas Party 2005

Sheri leading the Christmas Bingo game

Viola receiving her retirement gift

Potter-Tioga Librarians 2005

At the Book Expo in Washington D.C.

Mary and Sheri

Olga relaxing

Posing with Lauren


Sharon's party

Sharon Thomas' retirement party

Chocolate World

Tammy, Ellen, Rhonda, Olga & Viola

Viola, Hilma & Bonnie

Rosemary & Sharon Thomas

Mary Jo & Sheri

Darlene P. & Leslie

Viola & Hilma

Olga & Darlene J.

Sharon Smoker

Laurie, Darlene J. & Sheri

PTLS Christmas party 2006

Sharon S., Tammy, & Rhonda

Looking over the Christmas quiz

Christmas 2006

Before the party

Check out Rosemary's Christmas socks!

Teri and Tim

Gift exchange

Christmas party 2006

Viola, Mary, & Hilma

Hilma's ornament

Olga, Mary & Ellen

Sharon T.'s gift

Tammy, Rhonda, Olga & Mary

Ellen opening her gift

Shelby & Leslie

'07 Picnic

Kay, Shelby, Sheri, Sharon S. & Darlene P.

'07 Picnic

Kay, Sharon S. & Shelby

'07 Picnic

Mary, Sharon T. and Tammy

'07 Picnic

Darlene J & Sharon S.

'07 Picnic

Leslie, Laurie, Snitch, Danice & Darlene J.