Professional Collection Available for Loan

  Title Author
001.422 Stats for Scaredy-Cats  
011 Public Library Catalog 12th Edition  
011.03 1,001 Free Goodies & Cheapies Matthew Lesko
011.62 Core Collection for Small Libraries Janice A. DeLong & Rachel E. Schwedt
020 Our Singular Strengths: Meditations for Librarians Michael Gorman
020.6 Friends of the Library  
021.24 The Role of Public Libraries in Children's Literacy Development Dr. Donna Celano & Dr. Susan B. Neuman
021.7 Success Stories: How 15 Libraries Raised Money and Public Awareness  
021.7 Getting Political: an Action Guide for Librarians & Library Supporters Anne M. Turner
021.82 The Library Trustee: A Practical Guidebook 3rd Edition Virginia G. Young
023 Evaluating Library Staff Patricia Belcastro
023.9 Performance Evaluation Richard Tyce
025.1 Administration of the Small Public Library 2nd Edition Dorothy Sinclair
025.11 Pennsylvania Public Library Accounting Manual McKonly & Asbury
025.11 Funding Alternatives for Libraries  
025.2 Guide for Written Collection Policy Statements (2 copies)  
025.2 Guide to the Evaluation of Library Collections (2 copies)  
025.21 Intellectual Freedom Manual 5th Edition  
025.216 The CREW Method: Expanded Guidelines for Collection Evaluation and Weeding for Small and Medium Sized Libraries Belinda Boon
025.3 Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules 2nd Edition  
025.3 ALA Rules for Filing Catalog Cards 2nd Edition Abridged (2 copies)  
025.3 Sears List of Subject Headings 11th Edition  
025.4 Dewey Decimal Classification 11th Abridged Edition  
025.5 Dealing with Difficult People in the Library Mark R. Willis
025.5874 Public Library Use in Pennsylvania: Identifying Uses, Benefits, &Impacts Charles R. McClure & John Carlo Bertot
025.82 Black Belt Librarians Warren Graham
027.473 Wired for the Future: Developing Your Library Technology Plan Diane May & Sandra Nelson
027.625 Leading Kids to Books Through Magic Caroline Feller Bauer
098.1 Banned Books  
328.1 Robert's Rules of Order  
342.73 Censorship, Libraries, and the Law  
344.73 Opening the Doors to Older Persons  
363.31 Banned Books: Literature Suppressed on Political Grounds Nicholas J. Karolides
372 Young Minds at Play: A Thematic Curriculum Elizabeth Kelly & Joanne McConville
372.21 Storytime Activities to Help Children Cope (Early Childhood)  
372.4 15 Easy-to-Read Mini-Book Plays Sheryl Ann Crawford & Nancy I. Sanders
372.4 McGraw-Hill Spectrum Reading: Grade 2  
372.5 January Idea Book Karen Sevaly
372.5 February Idea Book Karen Sevaly
372.5 March Idea Book Karen Sevaly
372.5 April Idea Book Karen Sevaly
372.5 May Idea Book Karen Sevaly
372.64 Story S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-R-S: Activities to Expand Children's Favorite Books  
372.64 Story S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-R-S for Infants, Toddlers, and Twos Shirley Raines, Karen Miller & Leah Curry-Rood
423 Webster's New Dictionary of Synonyms  
508.07 Free & Cheap: Things for Nature Lovers Marcus Schneck
658.1 Securing Your Organization's Future Michael Seltzer
727.8 Checklist of Library Building Design Considerations William W. Sannwald
791.53 Puppets & Puppeteering Robert Ten Eyck Hanford
808.06 Celebrations Caroline Feller Bauer
808.81 Poetry Place Anthology  
811.008 The Complete Book of Rhymes, Songs, Poems, Fingerplays, and Chants Jackie Silberg & Pam Schiller