Potter-Tioga Library System

Board of Directors

System Board Minutes - July '07

Potter-Tioga Library System
Regular Meeting
Elkland Area Community Library
Elkland, PA
July 10, 2007

The Regular Quarterly Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Potter-Tioga Library System was called to order by Treasurer Charlotte Bitler at 7 PM.

Blossburg: Carol Tama
Elkland: Rosemary Hackett, Charlotte Bitler, Kitty
Galeton: Sue Williams
Knoxville: Eugene Seelye
Oswayo Valley:
Wellsboro: Lynn Coolidge
System Librarian: Laurie Shear

After introductions, the Minutes of the April 10, 2007, meeting were approved as presented.

System Librarianís Report:
-Circulation statistics for the 1st quarter of 2007 were circulated and
-All Audits and Financial Reviews due July 1 are in except Coudersport.
-The LSTA Automations grants are completed at the five libraries involved.
-Shelby Kinsey, librarian at Blossburg, has completed the first semester of
the LSTA-MLS grant.
-The DCED grant from Senator Scarnati for Potter Co. libraries and the
system library has not yet been received. Laurie presented projects she
would like to accomplish with the system's $2,500 award for her office: two new book trucks, repaint twenty trucks now in use and purchase a new office
computer for her assistant's use. Carol Tama moved they be accepted, seconded by Lynne Coolidge and carried.
-A Gates Foundation grant being offered to all system libraries in the next
two years was discussed. Because of its complexity, Laurie will discuss it
more thoroughly with the librarians and also contact the office in Harrisburg
handling the grant.
-The Pennsylvania 2008 budget has been passed, but there is no word as to
the specifics of the library portion of the budget at this time.
-A meeting with the Tioga County Commissioners is scheduled for July 31,
2007, at 10 AM in the Court House. Topics to be discussed will be the
possibility of levying a county library tax. A good attendance is encouraged.
-Laurie distributed a packet of statistics on the system libraries relating
to circulation, salaries, per capita expenditures, collections, etc. and
asked that members review them with their boards.

The 2008 Budget Committee was formed consisting of Jeff Wilkinson, Charlotte Bitler and Lynne Coolidge. They will meet in September.

News from member libraries was shared.

The next meeting will be at the Coudersport Public Library, October 9, 2007, at 7 PM.

Refreshments were enjoyed by attendees.

Respectfully submitted,

Eugene A. Seelye, Secretary