We are the Potter-Tioga Library System

There are eleven libraries that make up the the Potter-Tioga Library System. Our System is geographically the largest library system in Pennsylvania, serving the residents of Potter and Tioga counties in an area of 2,215 square miles.

It is the only two-county system in the state and provides library service to a population of 60,343. The System delivers rotating collections of large-type books and books on CD quarterly to its eleven member libraries.

The System also operates deposit libraries in twelve small communities that do not have their own local library. These collections are usually located in post offices and offer a variety of books for all ages and interests.

The library system administrator also provides consulting and continuing education services to the local librarians and acts as a liaison between the local librarians and the District and State Libraries. All library funding from federal, state, and county funds is distributed by the System to the local libraries.

The Potter-Tioga Library System
106 E. Main Street, Knoxville, PA 16928
Phone: 814-274-7422

2014 System-Wide Statistics:

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